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The Main Cast

Li'l Danny

Li'l Danny is smart, likable and always in a good mood. Nothing gets him down and the gang looks to him for inspiration and leadership.

Li'l Scott

Li'l Scott is the fun-loving, goofy best friend of Li'l Danny.

Li'l Claude

Li'l Claude used to be quiet, but has evolved into more of a vocal leader. He sometimes lets his emotions get the better of him.

The Supporting Cast

Li'l Ilya

Li'l Ilya...


Li'l Sid

The self=proclaimed "Best Student in School", Sid hates the Li'l Flyers, and they hate him right back. He has developed a rivalry with Lil' Claude.

Li'l Mikey and Li'l Jeff

Once main members of the group, Mikey and Jeff now hang with a new crowd, The Li'l Kings. They are still friendly with the Li'l Flyers, and join them on occasional adventures, but also now have a sense of competition with the Li'l Flyers.

Li'l Alex

Li'l Alex is smart, hardworking and strong. Often hangs out by himself, and while not exactly liked, he is respected.

Li'l Jaromir

Once an arch-rival of the Li'l Flyers, Jaromir later became a friend and mentor to the boys. Older and wiser, he showed them the ropes of school life. Although he has moved on, he remains a friend.